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Dignity of Labour

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To work with one’s own hand and to be proud of it, is called dignity of labour. It means that when one does not feel shame to do any manual work without consideration of his social status or position, we can say that such a person knows about the dignity of labour .He develops the feeling of humbleness by getting mental peace and satisfaction.
A human being has many needs and he has to do some thing to satisfy him. Thus, different people have to do different things in order to cater for each other’s needs. Since, it is not possible for anyone to do all the jobs; various persons adopt various professions viz. blacksmith, carpenter, cobbler, washer man, barber, etc. Thus, the need of everyone gets satisfied. If the cobbler didn’t make shoes where could we bring them from? In this way, various professions came into being to satisfy our needs. There is no reason why some job should be considered inferior to the other. All persons engaged in jobs are better than a person who lives as a burden on society without doing anything. A blacksmith, a carpenter or a cobbler is as much as much a technologist as the one who assembles motor cars.
History bears witness that Emperor Aurangzeb used to make caps in order to earn his livelihood and felt proud of it. By doing this he proud it as false the great men should not do small things. If someone polishes his own shoes, patches his clothes, or a big landlord ploughs his lands in the hour of need there is nothing to be ashamed of.
If we develop a sense of dignity of labour completely, a revolution can take place in the society
We should do with interest the so-called add jobs ourselves wherever needed and should take pride in it and not consider any job or occupation inferior.


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