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Friendship 5

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Many people will walk in and out of our life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Friends are the golden treasures. How many times they have made us laugh when felt like crying over bad mistakes. Make us feel loved when we are scolded by our parents and teachers and made us understand our faults. Gave us the courage to fight the different difficulties in our lives. Like armor, good friends make us almost invisible, capable of warding off when the blow of life occasionally deals us. Because of their steadfastness we see setback for what they are. Friends accept us for who we are, we gain the confidence to dream great dreams-and to make them real. Friends liven up our days with their twisted humor, their honest answers and their ability to bear our gloating when we beat them in any games. We can even trust them with our most embarrassing secrets. What a relief it is for us to reveal our true selves to someone. Friends are the most important persons in any one’s life after parents and teachers. True friends love and care for us like parents and guides like teacher. Friendship is like breathing. One does not need to remember to breath nor can one forget to do so. It enables one to live and without which one cannot. Friends made living so meaningful and whose absence may bring life to an end. friends are truest jewels of   ones life. One should not lose them at any cost. They make our life smooth and comfy us with their true love. friends are the jewels. long live friendship.


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