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Male and Female Friendship

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Gender Friendships

In today’s society, many people from the opposite sex meet each day and find things in common with one another and start a friendship.   Through their friendships, they consist of hanging out, spend time with one another, talk about how each others day went, what’s going through their mind, or how they’re feeling.   These people eventually grow a comfort with that person and move on to build a greater friendship from there.   In most of our thoughts, it has come to mind that has us thinking what are the differences between having friends from the opposite sex and from the same sex.   Although most friends that are the opposite sex, every single one of them do think alike.
Male friendships for everyone is almost exactly the same when told from someone else.   Males are the dominant type of the sex because they are looked up as a brother for being the toughest, strongest, bravest, etc. in most in friendships.   They like to even be considered the “fearless ones” or   the “hard working ones” just because they like to put it out there or show it off.   Even though male friends don’t like to show emotions and show more of the “macho-man” type attitude amongst others, every single one of them has a sensitive side but a different way of showing it.   Most times if a male showed a soft side in front of their other friends, they would be looked down upon and/or be made fun of most of their time they see each other, which is why people tend to keep the macho act to keep their “cool cred” up like how others would say it.   Other than that, male friendships can be calm and exciting to others if that person is chill or mellow.

Female friendships on the other hand, are almost exactly the same, just like the male.   Females can also be looked upon as a sister to others because they know how to support, comfort, talk, share things the right way, and understands your strengths and weaknesses. They have that mentality of helping out others in need and know how to...


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