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Winifred Potenza

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    During the year of 1989 in a place called Santa Rosa, an extremely tragic event took place in Winifred Potenza’s life. Her eldest son Jonathan, who was about twenty-one, had been killed instantly by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. As well, Lisa Rodriquez had suffered along with her fiancé Jonathan, when they were struck by the car. Winifred had wished that both Jonathan and Lisa would be safe when they moved to Santa Rosa, California from New York. However, she could see that it had been an immense mistake. Winifred’s grief was excruciating and she frequently found herself wandering the streets during late night screaming and weeping.


    The intoxicated driver had been charged with murder by the district attorney. When the trial commenced, the twenty year old driver, whose name is William, had pleaded at fault. As a result, William had been sentenced at fifteen years to life. William had wished to die, as he was consumed with vast regret.
    When Potenza had eventually saw                                      
William for the very first time in the
courtroom, she had realized that he
wasn’t a monster. Winifred thought,
“Oh, my God. This is wrong,” as she grasped the fact that he had parents that had loved him, just as much as she had treasured her own children. Following that, Winifred blurted, “William did not commit murder, it was a tragic accident.” Suddenly, she hesitantly walked right over to William and gave him a hug.
    In the end, Potenza had become friends with William, and most of all, forgave him. Forgiveness had not only healed William’s soul, it had helped Potenza to heal spiritually as well. In addition to that, Winifred had stated, “William is a good person. He has special talents and deserved another chance.” Due to this, she had gone to the State Prison weekly to visit

    Honestly, I believe that the sin that had been committed was a personal sin....


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