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The misuse of the internet is incrediably apparent when high school and public school students post entire homework assignments due the following day, for other people to complete on their behalf. Proper use of the internet is the student using the computer as a tool instead of a crutch. The tool is more effective when utilized properly. The student gains the knowledge in both the art of finding an answer and transcribing for the educator the necessary assignment. When a student chooses to use the internet as a crutch continuely, it only serves to make the student dependant on the easy way out of the task at hand.

1:great support for high school students for their studies
2: Entertainment
3: Keep in touch with friends through chatting
1: Underage children accessing porn websites
2: kids meeting strangers
3: Games and other types of entertainments which distracts children from their study se And Misuse Of Mobile Phones
A new market study from Portio Research predicts that 50% of the worlds population will be using a cell phone by the end of 2009, and Africa now boasts the fastest...
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Misuse Of The Internet
Research 4 References and Bibliography 6 USE AND MISUSE OF INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET Development of the Internet J.C.R. Licklider is often...
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The Effects Of Playing Online Games And Using Internet To Teenagers And Young Adults Nowadays
This study aimed to determine the effects of playing online games and using the internet to teenagers and young adults nowadays. Specifically, it sought answers...
Computers And The Internet Play An Increasingly Important Role In Health And Social Care. In What Ways Can They...
symptoms and how to avoid certain diseases. Health and social care providers can use the internet to have safe and easy access of records regarding health care...
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Internet Privacy
like it would constitute stealing. I personally would rather use my own secure connection to access the...


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