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Ainternational Style Outline

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Christian Prado

Persuasive Presentation.Outline.

Topic: International style of architecture is our present reality that looks towards the     future in our life.

General Purpose:

To persuade and convince my audience that International style is more realistic and functional than organic architecture, so it should be more implemented in the United States.

Specific Purpose:

At the end of the presentation my audience will be encourage to implement International style of architecture in their cities and towns as a present reality looking towards the future.

Central Idea:

To convince my audience that International style of architecture focuses on the stylistics aspects of modernism. International style rejects the ornaments used in Europe and rest of the world considering them an apology to degenerated societies. International style ideal is the simplicity of forms. International style gives importance to the truth of materials.


I. International style in architecture, is the phase of the modern movement that emerged in Europe and the United States during the 1920s. The term was first used by phillip Johnson in connection with 1932 architectural exhibition held at the Museum of Modrn Art, New York City.

II.Architects working in the International Style gave new emphasis to the expression of structure, the lightening of the mass, and the enclosure of dynamic spaces. Important examples include the Bauhaus at Dessau, Germany, by Walter Gropius and the Villa Savoye, France by Le Corbusier.

III. A harmony between artistic expression, function, and technology would thus be established in an austere and disciplined new architecture. In 1925 the Bauhaus moved to Dessau with the promise of better financial support. Gropius designed the school building there and today it is known as one of his best works. In 1928 Walter Gropius resigned as head of the Bauhaus to work privately in Berlin. And in 1933 the Nazi...


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