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Holocaust 1

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The Holocaust was a very rough time. In the camps, the Jews were tortured, killed, and treated like slaves. Jews were forced to work constantly and received no gratitude Do you think you could survive the Nazi Concentration Camps?
Between the years 1933 and 1945 more than 3.5 million Germans would be forced to spend time in these concentration camps or prison for political reasons, and approximately 77,000 Germans were executed for one or another form of resistance by Special courts, courts martial,   and the civil justice system. The term was borrowed from the British concentration camps of the Second Anglo-Boer War. Holocaust scholars draw a distinction between concentration camps, and extermination camps, which were established for the industrial-scale murder of the predominantly Jewish ghetto and concentration camp populations (Hoffmann).   What happened in these harsh camps?
After 1939, with the beginning of the Second World War, concentration camps increasingly became places where the enemies of the Nazis were enslaved, starved, tortured and killed. During the War, concentration camps for "undesirables" spread throughout Europe. New camps were created near centers of dense "undesirable" populations, often focusing on areas with large communities of Jews, Polish intelligentsia, Communists or Roma. Since millions of Jews lived in pre-war Poland, most camps were located in the area of General Government in occupied Poland for logistical reasons. It also allowed the Nazis to transport the German Jews outside of the German main territory (Drash). What happened to these “undesirables”?
Many of the prisoners died in the concentration camps through deliberate maltreatment, disease, starvation, and overwork, or were executed as unfit for labor. Prisoners were transported in inhumane conditions by rail freight cars, in which many died before reaching their destination. The prisoners were confined to the rail cars for days or even weeks, with little or no food or...


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