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Aging Population

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Nowadays, one of the most conspicuous trends in the 21st century is that an increasing number of people from different countries doing business together, which creates an unprecedented demand for a single international language. People, nevertheless, hold various opinions about the issue whether it is positive or negative. From my point of view, it is more reasonable to say it does more good than harm to implement an international language.
The reason why the spread of a single international language will threaten individual cultures is obvious. Languages are precious and valuable crystallization of ancestors’ intelligence, so we cannot just discard them. On the contrary, we should prevent them from dying out. For instance, there are numerous dialects spoken by Chinese, but some of them are even becoming extinct. Causes Mandarin Chinese has become the official language that people have to learn to speak, less and less people speak their own dialects, and thus they would gradually die out.
Yet, it must be stressed out that an international language has become an indispensible implement of this rapid-development epoch. First of all, commerce and trade has become more and more worldwide, as for businessmen from different countries speak various languages, a mutually comprehensive language is needed. In addition, a single international language, indeed, is a practical implement that can be applied to share information and resource globally, which will help enhance a country’s overall strength and people’s living standard.

My conclusion is, for the reasons I have given, that benefits of a single international language outweigh the potential harm it poses to individual cultures. Among other things, only an international language is advocated to use, can the world become more and more flourishing and prosperous.


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