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Joe Darcy and Ken Russell

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Joe Darcy and Ken Russell implemented much of the specific support for
reflection of generics. Neal Gafter, Josh Bloch and Mark Reinhold did a huge
amount of work generifying the JDK libraries.
    Honorable mention must go to individuals whose comments on the generics
design made a significant difference. Alan Jeffrey made crucial contributions to
JSR-14 by pointing out subtle flaws in the original type system. Bob Deen sug-
gested the “? super T” syntax for lower bounded wildcards
    JSR-201 included a series of changes: autoboxing, enums, foreach loops, vari-
able arity methods and static import. The members of the JSR-201 expert group
were: Cédric Beust, David Biesack, Joshua Bloch (co-chair), Corky Cartwright,
Jim des Rivieres, David Flanagan, Christian Kemper, Doug Lea, Changshin Lee,
Tim Peierls, Michel Trudeau and myself (co-chair). Enums and the foreach loop
were primarily designed by Josh Bloch and Neal Gafter. Variable arity methods
would never have made it into the language without Neal’s special efforts design-
ing them (not to mention the small matter of implementing them).
    Josh Bloch bravely took upon himself the responsibility for JSR-175, which
added annotations to the language. The members of JSR-175 expert group were
Cédric Beust, Joshua Bloch (chair), Ted Farrell, Mike French, Gregor Kiczales,
Doug Lea, Deeptendu Majunder, Simon Nash, Ted Neward, Roly Perera, Manfred
Schneider, Blake Stone and Josh Street. Neal Gafter, as usual, was a major con-
tributer on this front as well.
    Another change in this edition is a complete revision of the Java memory
model, undertaken by JSR-133. The members of the JSR-133 expert group were
Hans Boehm, Doug Lea, Tim Lindholm (co-chair), Bill Pugh (co-chair), Martin
Trotter and Jerry Schwarz. The primary technical authors of the memory model
are Sarita Adve, Jeremy Manson and Bill Pugh. The Java memory model chapter
in this book is in fact almost entirely their work, with only...


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