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Indian Culture and Art

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Indian Culture
Majestic Snow - clad peaks reaching for the sky, shimmering blue lakes, lush green forests, rare flowers, breathtaking scenic beauty and sweeping panoramic view. Wow! everything about India is so beautiful and its diverse unique culture adds cherry to the cake. The Indian culture has been the outcome of many absorptions of customs, traditions and ideas from both raiders and immigrants. It has not died out with the throes of modernity wafted across the Indian Ocean. In spite of the great cultural diversity the entire country is bound as a civilization due to its common history.

Whenever we talk about the culture of India a flash of vivid images of flowing saris, sounds of the crowded bazaars and exuding aroma of curry and sandalwood evoke in our minds. The quality ingredients that have played a huge role in making the culture of India gain international recognition are-

Music - Music has always enjoyed a pivotal role in the lives of the Indians. The range of musical phenomenon extends from simple melodies to the most developed systems of classical music in the world. Music also held a significant role during the pre Vedic age as evidence of several strings and wind instruments, drums and cymbals have been found in the Vedas. Ragas on which our Indian music is based came in to existence in the 10th century. By the 16th century the distinction between the North Indian ( Hindustani ) and South Indian ( Carnatic ) music was recognized in a full fledged manner. Classical Indian music entered a new phase in the 1960's and began to acquire Western students. The sitar of Pd. Ravi Shankar was heard on the Beatles' album. Satyajit Ray, the great Indian director through his neo-realist films brought the Indian classical music to the attention of the Westerners. Indian genres like filmi and bhangra have also gained momentum in the west.
Dance - The classical Indian dance forms have their audiences world wide. Each dance form of India represents the...


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