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Everyone is on their own journey that leads them to their own destination in life. Every day is filled with choices that will lead us down different paths in our lives, and we are the only ones that can make a different in our journey of life. There are many paths that can be picked from, some of the roads we chose will be the right ones, and others will not be.   No matter what Robert Frost really wanted the reader to get out of his poem, The Roads Not Taken, there are many different ways it can be interrupted.   It all depends on how the reader understands and how they analyze the poem. No matter what a person gets out of the poem, the main concept of the poem is that it is the road that you chose that makes you who you are.   After I had read the poem I thought about what roads I had taken and the ones I did not take up to this point in my life, I have thought about what if I had taken anther road, would I have been happy? The truth is the roads that I have taken have made me who I am, and for that I am glad.
All thought the poem the road not taken; Robert Frost uses many literary techniques to express the point behind the poem. The two points are, the dilemma behind making choices, and how the wrong choice can be filed with danger at not knowing where that one decision will take you, and then the one that says to take the road that is less traveled. It is hard to make the decisions that will affect your whole life, because you will always wonder if you have choices the right path.   The speaker has no knowledge of what will happen when, but that he must make a choice.
One of the most common literary elements in the poem is symbolism; this poem is very symbolic because of the choice of what path to take. The path that needs to be chosen is not one that is just a path to walk down, but a path that will affect his life and fate.   This shows us that every path we take will affect our lives in one way or another. Once you have chosen, there is now way to go back and...


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