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Poor Performance of India in Olympics

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The problems the sportspersons encounter in the path towards excellence are plenty and only the people who get into the depth would be able to fathom the reasons. In the countries where the sportspersons keep on excelling, they have an opportunity to select any sport as a choice of career and even discontinue education. The welfare policies of those governments towards its people allow them to make such choices. The facilities available in the countries will help them in confidently selecting any particular sport as career. No parents in India would like to encourage their children to discontinue their studies as there is no guarantee of earning a livelihood in a nation where not all the sports are patronised by its citizens. At the same time, the countries against which these sportsmen compete have such excellent facilities for all sports that any aspiring sportsperson can just walk into the nearest facility from home and play for a long time. The membership fee to utilize the facilities is also nominal. At the same time the nation cannot create such facilities even if it funds the same due to the high population density. Hence sports excellence does not come naturally to people based on their natural talents. Only the rich could afford enrollment into such facilities. But it may always happen that the naturally talented people may not be rich enough to use the limited sports infrastructure. At the same time, the rich people who enroll into the facilities may not excel due to the absence of natural instincts in them to such sports. Many people possessing natural abilities had to cut short their careers due to the inability to hire quality coach and no sources to fund the same.

Let us consider an average Indian child. Think about the access to sports facilities that he has at the school age. The facilities probably will be there for one or two sports that too shared by so many other children. Many children do not have shared facilities as well. Even those who...


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