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Professionalism, Education and We

                                          India’s most valuable resource is its technical work force. The more English speaking people along with the highly enthuastic technical work force has taken the country’s pride to an international image. Globalization   as though it is a threat to India’s small scale industries it made people more   hungry to survive in market and exposed more to the international scenario   .   Professionalism became a prime aspect of life, people were forced to learn and implement professionalism .but can anybody define what professionalism is? I don’t think there can be any valid definition for professionalism why because it can be learned but difficult to implement and define with the changing life style. It is an internal call of heart to think and practice. It is common to all professions. Here I have discussed different aspects of professionalism, its value, how it can be implemented, and professionalism in India’s educational system and where we stand.
India’s value based educational system and professionalism:
India’s education is more value based, as though we have gone a long way in the race of growing technology and information but professionalism is yet has to a go a long way. We have grown under a strong valuable educational system. Adding value to education may not be effective but it creates a sense, adding value is strictly a decision based on human behavior and surrounding. I have never learned the parameters of professionalism in my education but I learned it with the changing situation, and even realized that it can only be practiced. But even still most of the organizations don’t give much importance to professionalism why because people think it can be learned in very short span of time. India’s teaching methods doesn’t take help of technology much.   Students spend more time in class rooms which are   good sign of any educational system, it generates a strong...


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