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Benedick and Love in Much Ado About Nothing

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Throughout Act one and two, Benedick repeatedly says that he will never love a woman or get married. At some stage in the duration of the play his mindset changes. In the end he is head over heels in love for Beatrice whom he once quarrelled with habitually. The turnabout in his behaviour was brought about by the deceitful Claudio and Pedro who indirectly told Benedick that Beatrice loved him.
At the beginning, Benedick's attitude is negative towards women in general. He swears he will never marry, as he is very critical of women and does not trust any of them not to cheat on him. He seems to oppose with Beatrice in a competition to outwit, outsmart, and out-insult each other. Obviously he has been in some sort of past relationship because when they first meet at the entry of the village they instantly insult each other. And another example of this is when Benadick meets Beatrice at the masked ball and Beatrice talks to Benadick, but not knowing it is Benadick and says insulting things about him. We can suggest that Benedick has some kind of deep feelings for her because in any of the conversations Benadick ends in a jade’s trick to try change the conversation because he is getting hurt for example he says ‘I would my horse had the speed of your tongue, and so good on continuer. But keep your way, o’ God’s name. I have done’ and she says before she leave ‘you always end with a jades trick I know you of old’. This also shows that they have met in the past.  
When Benedick hears that Claudio has fallen in love for Hero, he is enraged because he thought that Claudio would live a bachelor's life like him. Benedick tells him that men who are in love are not masculine. Near the end of Act 4, Benedick's complete change is evident when Benedick chooses love over friendship. Benedick challenges Claudio, previously his closest friend in the world, to duel to the death over Claudio's accusation as to Hero's unethical behaviour. After Beatrice complains to him about...


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