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Darwin, Einstein and John Dewey

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"Darwin, Einstein and John Dewey"

On the average, democracies usually last for up to two hundred and fifty years. That historical pattern gives the United States of America around three more decades until we're put on artificial life support, our systemic malady principally caused by moral decay, by legal and political corruption and by widespread economic inefficiency. Yes, since WW I we've created a grotesque-looking Ponzi pyramid,

In another thirty years government spending will drastically exceed GNP (Gross National Production), seventy percent of the burgeoning American population will not be paying federal income taxes, and also, more money will be going out of Social Security and out of Medicare than entering into those specific government program safety nets. At present, our U.S. total federal, state and local government expenditure is 39% of GNP, when 20% is the most desirable percentage ratio in order to fully assure national economic stability.

What obscure factors besides government waste and federal and state over-regulation will ultimately accelerate the demise of the USA? It is this writer's contention that the decline of America will be attributable to an extension of the philosophies and teachings of three currently venerated individuals: Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and John Dewey.

Back in the early 1900s, Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution was not exclusively confined to the scientific realm. Instead, Evolution's basic premise of continuous change (along with an expanding spiral progressively developing) bled over into such social disciplines as political science, psychology, the law and most dramatically, American education. Nothing in today's reality (not even God) is “absolute.” Everything constantly changes and mutates into something else! Is not “change” the watchword of our time in American history?

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were indeed highly influenced with the notion of Darwin's Evolution. Those two political...


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