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My Life

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Life 1

My Life 87
Bianca A. Davis
Kennedy Kelechi Halams
November 8, 2010

Life                                                                                                                                                 2

  I. My early Childhood
      a. Birth
      b. Toddler
  II. My School Experiences
      c. Elementary
      d. Middle
  III. My teenage years
      e. Birmingham
      f. High School
      g. Parents
  IV. My early adulthood
      h. College
      i. Working
  V. Conclusion
Life                                                                                                           3 My life has been filled with many struggles; however, I wouldn’t recognize the joy if not for the pain.   I was born in Orlando, Florida.   This is where I spent my early years.   My schooling was split between Orlando and Birmingham.   I graduated high school in 2005.   This was the most difficult period of my life.   In 2008 I graduated college.   I began working in 2007 at a local department store.   In 2008 until now has been a period of awakened awareness and finding of peace.
I was born on November the 20th 1987 at Orlando Regional Medical Center, I was supposed to be born on October 25th and I also was supposed to have been a boy.   Needless to say when my parents brought me home from the hospital I as dressed in boy clothes and my room was blue.   My father was a little disappointed.   The rest of my toddler years he seemed to want a son.   He taught me to play football, catch and wrestling was our favorite pass time.   This was my first taste of fighting.   Some may say that it was a bad thing; however I believe it gave me strength to fight no matter the odds.   When I was one and a half I developed a Bells’ Palsy; the swelling left my face altered.   In spite of this I was a happy child and had a loving and patient mother.   However; I did inherit a lot of my father...


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