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Inspector Gooles Importance

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What is the importance of the inspector in this novel? You should refer in detail to his words and actions. (25 marks)

OBJECTIVES: Candidates should:
1)   Respond to texts critically, sensitively, and in detail, using textual evidence as
2)   Explore how language, structure and forms contribute to the meanings of texts,
considering different approaches and alternative interpretations.
4) Relate texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts and literary

Range 1: 0 - 7
Simple narrative accounts of Inspector
Basic attempt at character sketch.
Simple reference to most obvious events.
0 no mention of text
1-4 narrative treatment re AOs 1, 2
5-7 some thematic interpretation/some understanding importance of language re AOs 1, 2

Range 2: 8 - 13
Some understanding of situation of prejudice.
Some use of events to illustrate ideas.
Some character analysis.
Judgement, with some support.
8-10 supported, inferential narrative re AOs 1, 2
11-13 response to language/structure re AOs 1, 2

Range 3: 14 - 19
More exploration of his influence and support offered to Cassie and family.
More differentiation between situations faced and explanations offered.
More grasp of reactions to events.
More recognition of the importance of language used.
14-16 selective reference with elements of critical awareness re AOs 1, 2
17-19 critical awareness of whole text/subtleties of meaning re AOs 1, 2

Range 4: 20 - 25
Critically informed, discriminating, explicit and informed judgement, with support.
Critically perceptive points on behaviour and advice of Inspector
Critical awareness of the dangers he represents and the different culture in which he lives.
Critical and sensitive understanding of reactions of family members.
Critically aware and evaluative response to character.
20-22 discriminating reference/critical analysis re AOs 1, 2
23-25 evaluation/insight into meanings re AOs 1, 2

Critically aware, discriminating...


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