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My Success Story

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My Success

  I’m sure success has a different meaning for everyone. My success is most

likely the only thing I can thank my parents for. Success for me is being the

parent I am today of two wonderful children. My son Gregory is 12 an all-

star football player, a honor roll student with no struggle, just an all around

great kid other than being a typical boy. My 20 year old daughter, Cortney

on the other hand, her success thus far is by far my greatest success. She

suffers from dyslexia and has struggled all her life with everything she has

attempted to do.

  I started to notice problems as soon as she started kindergarten. She was

so smart, I read to her every night she memorized all of her favorite books

and nursery rhymes before she was 3. She was so excited to be starting

school like all the other big kids. Very soon she wasn’t so excited anymore.

She wanted to learn to read and write so desperately, of course she could

write her name and small stuff that most kids know going into school.

Sitting with her at night and trying to help her write her letters over and

over, I noticed right away that she had a problem. I had conference after

conference with her teacher. I was told it was common for children her age to write letters and numbers differently each time. Needless to say no help

for my daughter and she struggled from then on. All of her elementary years

I begged for her to be tested with my cries unheard. When she would try to

do her spelling words, she would spell the same word wrong but differently

every time. Some words were easy for her some were impossible. She was

still writing some letters and numbers backwards. Conference after

conference, arguments, meeting with principles, still no help for my child.

  When Cortney was in the 7th grade, we moved and she had to change

schools. She was in a much better school district with a much harder



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