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Economic Opportunities

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Economic Opportunities

Christopher Morris


August 15, 2011
Jorge Argueta

Economic Opportunities

      Railroads help bring the raise for steel and petroleum to be shipped around the United States, which brought on the needed for more workers. Immigrants experiencing the same low paying jobs and bad living condition in their country, which was same for many in the United States.
The railroads expanding from mid-west to west coast that cities was rising in north and south, which large amount of materials and workers needed for the expansion. Immigrant was known to come into Unites States for the Gold Rush that was not from Asian counties who work on railroads for low pay. [Andrew Carnegie that was immigrant from Scotland, Europe shifted his attention to the growing iron industry; in 1873 he invested his assets in the development of the first American steel mills] (Brinkley, 2007). Steel was fast growing industry throughout United States of the expanding railroad tracks. Steel was ship over the United States of fast growing business built by steel but also to carry cattle and corps faster to other cities for sale. State of Pennsylvania was attracting huge amount of immigrants to work on the railroads or steel, but also petroleum on raise use in lamps shipped across the Unites States.
    United States east coast cities like New York was experiencing large amount of immigrants coming over from European countries during 1865 to 1915. “The new immigrants were coming to America to escape poverty and oppression in their homelands, but also lured to the United States by expectations for new opportunities” (Brinkley, 2007, p. 478). Railroads for their expansion needed more workers, which high percentage of Chinese immigrants already working on railroads in the west. The industrial cities was growing fast that immigrants from countries was experiencing low-paying jobs and living in the slums of beat down buildings....


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