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Growth and Developement

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This will be the Introduction.   The introduction will go into detail about my life and how I have developed and evolved from a child to the adult I am now.   (The Introduction will contain 100-125 words and lead me into my paper.)
How has my life developed and grown over my years?
This next section will be the body.   I will discuss different factors that helped me grow and develop, such as family, friends, and social groups, etc.
Who helped me develop and grow?
What occurrences or experiences helped me grow and develop?
What have I learned in this class that has helped me develop and grow in understanding of the development cycle of life?
How has my hard lessons learned helped me through life?
This will be the conclusion.   The conclusion will tie the paper together and bring it to a close.   It will reiterate what I have discussed.

My Growth and development
In my 26 years I have gone through many trials and tribulations in life.   There have been many individuals and experiences that have helped me grow and develop into who I am today.   The experiences and the people in my life have helped me grow and develop personally, professionally, and academically.   In detail I will discuss the major individuals and experiences that have had the greatest impact on my life.   The individuals will include family, friends, school teachers, and the experiences will include things that have happened in my adolescent years on up to things that I’ve experienced within the last couple of years.
At the age of five my two brothers, sister, and I were split up and put into different foster homes.   The reason that this happened was because my biological father and mother abuse and beat us, as children.   My siblings and I were split up so two of us were together and the other two were together.   This went on for many years until a couple decided that they would like to adopt children.   That would be my father and mother.   They adopted the four of us, so we could stay a...


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