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Air Pollution - Essay 12

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Today almost every aspect of modern leaves posses potential health risks. The air we breathe the water we drink and places we live and work in may be contaminated with toxic substances or chemical additives. This in addition to ultra violate light present in sunshine. Some of our habits such as cigarette smoking are clearly related to an increased durance   of lung’s cancer. The adverse effect of chemical pollutants in the environment are not limited to ourselves, but may be passed on future generation by way of genetic mutation. Birth defects, inherited diseases and so on.

Our environment is a complex and dynamic system, in which all forms of life are inter-dependent and inter-connected.   It is something like a huge fabric engulfing the whole earth in which various non-stop, self-generating cycles are going on.   For example green plants consume carbon dioxide and provide Oxygen to human and other animals.   Plants and micro organisms provide pure water in lakes and rivers.   Biological process that have gone in the soils for thousands years provide coal, petroleum products, food etc without which our life itself would virtually come to a standstill.   However, men, in his quest for comfort, wealth and power have been ignoring nature’s law and broken out the circle.   In the process of achieving these, man has been constantly changing the basic characteristics of his environment by

  1. Revoking some of its essential components, e.g. Oxygen and

  2. Adding on some undesirable components, e.g. Oxides of Nitrogen Sulpher Oxide, Carbon mono-oxide etc.


It may be defined as “The excessive discharge or addition of undesirable substances or unwanted forging matters to the environment, thereby adversely alternate the nature quality of the environment and causing damage to human, plants or animals life or it may unreasonably interfere with comfortable life or the conduct of business.”

The term environment includes the air, water;...


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