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On the Other Side

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The Catcher in the Rye
"On the Other Side"
In an awkward state, were more prone to have erratic behavior but being at odds with others isn't the most adjustable situation either. Being a teenager, sixteen years of age to be more specific, anyone would be looking to have a good time. Hanging out with friends, attending football games, watching a new movie, and grabbing a bite to eat afterwards are just a few activities that youth enjoy. Holden Caulfield on the other hand, wasn't into the sort of things that the rest of the teens at his school were doing. Instead of gossiping about the great events of last weekend, he would rather complain about it. While others were cramming study time for next week's exam, Holden had other things on his mind. As pessimistic as he is, he didn't have very many nice things to say about anything.
Holden is a sixteen-year-old junior who has been expelled from a school called Pencey Prep, in Argerstown Pennsylvania, for academic failure. Not only has Pencey become fed up with Holden's lack of academics, but three schools in which he has previously attended have too. Although he is intelligent and sensitive, he is equally cynical and judgmental. Holden completely sees the ugliness of the world he lives in, and nothing other and he never hesitates to criticize anything and everything. Every aspect of Holden's life annoys him greatly and he finds the hypocrisy around him almost unbearable. While trying to protect himself from disappointment he might bring upon others, he aims criticism towards the people around him just waiting for it to backfire, as it usually does. Holden is restless with himself, alongside the fact that his weaknesses' make him uncomfortable which leads him to portray a phony, crude, and ignorant personality.

Back at Pencey Prep, Holden roomed with a young fellow whom he called Stradlater; he was your typical handsome, self-confident, and popular teenager. Stradlater was academically successful, while making pit...


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