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The Marlboro Man

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The Marlboro Man
The Marlboro Man was an advertisement campaign started by Marlboro cigarettes from 1954 to 1999. The Marlboro Man seen here was the result of the 1970 campaign.   The purpose of this advertisement was to open up the market towards the men, since Marlboro cigarettes were traditionally used only by women; therefore, cigarettes were reflected as feminine.   This Marlboro Man advertisement definitely reflects aspects of masculinity, patriotism, and confidence, which are aspects many men in America desire.
The atmosphere for this piece is very patriotic, presenting the appeal of the cowboy to the masses. It conveys a message that the people who smoke Marlboro brand cigarettes will embrace this desired patriotism. The message of The Marlboro Man is strong enough to portray smoking Marlboro brand cigarettes as part of being American. The main audiences for this piece are the young adults in the city who have not seen the Wild West. The young adults are the targeted audience since they are easily manipulated and since most of them have not been out of the city they will believe what others tell them. By showing them an advertisement with a masculine cowboy smoking, it automatically implants this picture that all masculine cowboys smoke Marlboro cigarettes.
Through the skilled use of diction in this advertisement a feeling of unity and masculinity is promoted, which indirectly says that when smoking a Marlboro brand cigarette, one has entered Marlboro Country like the manly cowboys in this ad. This is very appealing towards the young adults since they are easily persuaded, and after seeing this slogan. “ Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country.” They all want to taste the experience of “Marlboro Country.” Showing this cliché picture of a cowboy in a western setting and conveying it as if it’s the “Marlboro Country” does this.
The message of the superiority of the Marlboro cigarettes can be seen through imagery. The cowboy without the...


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