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Gender Equality in Housework

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Influences of Gender Equality on North Americans’ Attitudes Toward Housework
Gender roles often play a large part in determining the behaviours and attitudes of men and women, especially within the household. One particular aspect of living that is highly influenced by gender roles is the division of housework among the sexes. Since North Americans have started to put aside the traditional gender roles in favour of more equal views, women, who were once considered the property of their husbands, are now seen as people with the same rights as their male counterparts. While people in many areas of the world still hold the misogynistic view of women as servants, whose lives should be devoted to cooking, cleaning and other household chores, North Americans have largely discarded this belief. In North America, women are valued members of society, whose abilities and contributions outside of the home are recognized and respected. They are no longer viewed as strictly domestic beings, and are instead leaving the home-front to pursue careers.   The result of this change in gender-based expectations is that women are now on a more equal footing with men, and therefore they are not expected to take responsibility for all of the household chores. Instead, men are taking a more active role in housework, and the duties are being shared among both genders. Advancements in gender equality among North American men and women have led to a more equal division of housework.
One improvement in gender equality that has affected the division of housework is that in North America today, women are seen as equal partners with men. North American women are no longer obligated or expected to obey their husbands. They are given the same rights as men, and are believed to be equally deserving of these rights.   Contrary to this belief, in Middle Eastern countries, women are largely still seen as the property of their husbands. They are expected to devote their lives to creating and...


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