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Essay on the Kite Runner

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Essay on the Kite Runner
One of my friends strongly recommended this book to me when I was still a freshman in Shandong University. However, at that time, I did not read it. I thought that it was just one of those huge bestsellers. Nevertheless, my second encounter with The Kite Runner was not just a mere coincidence. I happened to see the book on a bookstand on my way to the dining hall in the central campus. It was quite conspicuous among many books, so I decided to buy it.
The beautiful novel is the heartbreaking story of an unlikely friendship. The unusually eloquent story is also about the fragile relationship between fathers and sons, humans and their gods, men and their countries. Loyalty and blood are the ties that bind their stories into one of the most moving books.
The narrator Amir received a call from his friend Rahim Khan in Afghanistan one day last summer. He asked him to come to see him. This reminded him of his childhood life in Afghanistan—the past of unatoned sins. Amir saw the kites flying freely in the sky. Suddenly Hassan’s voice whispered in his head: For you, a thousand times.
Hassan, the hare lipped kite runner, was the son of Amir’s father’s servant. He was also Amir’s best friend. They used to climb the poplar trees in the driveway of his father’s house and annoy the neighbors by reflecting sunlight into their homes with a shard of mirror. They played together, and Hassan never denied him anything. They were fed from the same breasts. They took their first steps on the same lawn in the same yard. Moreover, under the same roof, they spoke their first words. They spent a lot of time experiencing the first try.
The war in Afghanistan ruined lives there, and the masses lived in great poverty. Hassan followed his father to the United States, away from his Hassan and away from the source of conscience denounces.
One lived under the inhumane regime in Afghanistan, while the other breathed fresh air in the United States but always felt...


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