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Media Influences

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Media Influences on Pro-social and Anti-Social Behaviour.

This considers the relationship between what we watch and how we behave.

Media influences on behavior
For this you are required to understand the basic principles of Social Learning Theory.

There are three terms to describe the processes that make up SLT, these being:

Observation means to pay attention to someone. Not just to see but to attend to them, to learn from them when they do or say something. This is the first step in children’s learning to be helpful to others.

Imitation means to copy what someone is doing. Not to necessarily do this perfectly If imitation benefits the child then the behaviour is likely to be replicated. Therefore parents praise their children attempts to be helpful will encourage the repetition of this behaviour.

Modelling means to develop a mental presentation of the appropriate behaviour for the context in which the child is observing and imitating.

Modelling is how social learning theorists regard the actual learning process. Children will be more likely to model beneficial behaviour. Therefore knowing when and how to be helpful at appropriate times enables a child to develop rewarding relationships and, on them, model pro-social behaviour.

Media Influences on Pro-Social Behaviour
Children who watch TV behave more pro-socially than anti-socially but research into this area has been inconclusive. Correlation does not mean causation here.

Summary of contributions that children’s television can make to children’s pro-social development:

Can promote shared interest by doing things together in order to achieve a common end;
Can promote co-operation and caring by providing altruistic characters who are rewarded for their kindness.
Various well known charity appeals promote active involvement in helping others.
Can provide ideas for play and recreation as well as promoting health and fitness.

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