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Rome Was Not Built in a Day

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To begin with, let me share an incident with you all.   Chess is my hobby and I regularly take part in chess competitions.   Earlier I used to perform well but over a period of time, I started losing matches and gradually lost motivation.   Noticing this, my father remarked “Rome was not built in a day”.   I asked him what it meant and he retorted, “Find it out yourself, only then will you realize its significance”.

Once when I was playing games on the computer, out of curiosity I surfed the internet to learn about this proverb.   Believe me I could relate myself so much that I felt as if this proverb was coined specially for me.   Let me elaborate.

Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire consisted of only a few hamlets when Augustus came to the throne. It took him, not one or two, but 40 years to transform the face of Rome into a metropolis.   Hard work over such a long period, isn’t it, but the result is there to see. Rome booked a place in history for its grandeur.   A major wisdom is derived from this portion of history. The word ‘Rome’ represents a great or huge task and the words ‘in a day’ indicate the span of time.   The logic is very simple.   Big achievements take its own time and demand loads of patience and perseverance.   This was the medicine I needed and I got rejuvenated.

Incidentally around that time IGNOU announced a two year chess course.   I enrolled for it and gave my best.   This proverb proved to be my guiding light helping me overcome any negative thoughts.   I could complete this course in just six months.   One fine day, I received air tickets from IGNOU inviting me along-with my father to Delhi to collect the award for being the 1st one in India to have completed this course.   I rushed to my father and hugged him and cried in joy.

Do I need to say more? Perseverance has finally paid off.   There can be no substitute to hard-work.   Now I have made a resolution to pursue my chess career with renewed vigour.  

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