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Fate Put an End to Romeo and Juliet

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Is one’s destiny already determined, or does a person’s actions influence their future? Although some people believe that their actions lead to specific consequences, whether good or bad, fate has already determined their choices that lead to their future. One must realize that as one’s past cannot be altered, neither can one’s future. Your fate is written based on the way you’re going to act in the future, which is not the same thing as your actions determine your future. Romeo and Juliet were victims of fate. When considering the destruction of Romeo and Juliet, the most important fact you must think of is fate/destiny. In Romeo and Juliet, the “pair of star-crossed lovers” (prologue) were victims of fate.   Romeo and Juliet’s destiny was already determined, which was to die. Fate destroyed Romeo and Juliet. Their unavoidable meeting, predetermined deaths and fate’s uncontrollable timing were the three things that prove that they were victims of fate.

      It was unavoidable that Romeo and Juliet would meet. If Romeo and Juliet hadn’t met in the beginning, they could have prevented their deaths. When Rosaline rejected Romeo, fate made Romeo and Juliet meet each other. Romeo and his helpful friend Benvolio helped a servant of the Capulets by reading a list of people invited to Capulet’s party because the servant was incapable of reading. The servant invited Romeo and Benvolio to the party, which was destined to happen; because fate wanted Romeo and Juliet to meet and if the servant didn’t invite him, he wouldn’t come to the party. After reading the list, Romeo found out that the person he loves, Rosaline was on the list. Romeo especially went to the party because Rosaline was going to the party “I’ll go along, no such sight to be shown, but to rejoice in splendour of mine own” (act 1, scene 2, lines 104 and 105). This implies that Romeo would go to the party not to look at other people, but to look at Rosaline. This set up everything up for Romeo and Juliet,...


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