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Choice Points Data Collection

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The Advantages and Disadvantage of
Choice Points Data Collect
      OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Prof.   David Britton
May 23, 2011

There are advantages and disadvantages to data aggregation. Choice Point is data collection service in the business of selling information. This type of business treads a fine line between what is believed to be an invasion of privacy and what is believed to be vital for security. Choice Point views itself as the latter. Its functions are essential not only to government agencies, corporations, and non-profit institutions, but to every consumer.
According to Brian Bergstein (2004), “Databases have become remarkably efficient and inexpensive to query. Many employers, schools and even volunteer organizations now trust them in making decisions about whom to take on and whom to avoid”. Choice Point assists in the identification of sexual predators that may be hired to watch over our children. This is important. For large corporations with high level jobs, Choice Points helps organizations avoid hiring employees with hidden embezzlement or fraud histories. Choice Points helps prevent criminal from gaining access to our workplaces and financial institutions. Law enforcement agencies are also assisted by Choice Point. They catch and track criminals using Choice Point services. (Hoofnagle, C., 2004)
There are some disadvantages to Choice Points Data collection. The information that is collected is not always accurate. Choice Point believes it is the responsibility of the primary data collector, to assure accuracy of information. The general public is not aware of what is on the reports and have little opportunity to correct the mistakes... Citizens with low credit ratings pay higher interest and insurance rates and are viewed as risk. Centralization of this information can lend to illegitimate, illegal activities. Not having trust worthy employees around this sensitive and private information could lead to...


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