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Fate: a Power That Happens in Events in Your Life and Is Unchangeable

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According to   One of the main themes and factors in Romeo and Juliet is fate. This says that Romeo and Juliet's life could be influenced by some power other than of their wills. During Shakespeare's time most people believed in fate and it shows it in Romeo and Juliet.
Fate is a power that happens in events in your life and is unchangeable. It is your destiny and cant be changed. people believed that this power ruled their whole life and that everything is meant to happen.
From the first page of the play we here about fate. Romeo and Juliet are mentioned as 'star-crossed lovers' meaning that fate will bring them together. It says that their love is 'death mark'd' which means that their fate will be bad. It tells us that they have no control over what will happen to them and it will lead to their end.
There are many events in the play that could have completely changed the outcome of the story. Possibly the biggest spark in their downfall would be that their families were enemies. If they had not have had such a long living feud, Romeo and Juliet could have had a greater chance of being together.
Another thing that could have prevented the deaths of the pair is if Romeo had never have gone to the ball in the first place. Romeo felt uneasy about going and says 'I fear too early; for my mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with the night's revels...'He knew that something bad is going to happen and there is nothing he can do about it. He goes in because he believes it is his fate.
If Mercutio and Tybalt never had to fight or if Mercutio never died as a result of the fight then Romeo wouldn't have had a reason to attack and ultimately kill Tybalt. He would not have been banished and Juliet would not have had to take the potion to flea to Romeo. Also if Tybalt had not been such a proud man he might not have been bothered about Romeo gate crashing his uncles party. Had Romeo stayed faithful to Rosaline he...


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