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Formulas of Calculating Charges

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  * DNA   FINGERPRINTING   method of identification that compares fragments of DNA. Sometimes called DNA TYPING.DNA is the genetic material found within the cell nuclei of all living things .In mammals the strands of DNA are grouped into structures called CHROMOSOMES. With the exception of identical twins , the complete DNA of each individual is unique.
  * A   DNA   FINGERPRINTING   is constructed by first extracting a DNA sample from body tissue or fluids   such as   hair, blood , saliva. The sample is then segmented using enzymes,& the segments are arranged by size using a process called electrophoresis. The segments are marked with probes &   exposed   on a   x-ray   film ,where they form a characteristic pattern   of black bars   of   the   DNA FINGERPRINT. If   the DNA FINGERPRINT produced from two different samples   match , the two samples probably came from the same person.
  * DNA FINGERPRINTING was first developed as an   identification technique in 1985.Originally used to detect the presence of genetic diseases , DNA fingerprinting soon came to be used in criminal investigations   and forensic science.The first criminal conviction based on   DNA evidence in the United States occurred in 1988.The criminal investigation ,DNA   fingerprints derived from evidence collected at the crime scene are compared to the DNA fingerprints of suspects . The   DNA   evidence can implicate or exonerate a suspect.
  * In the United States ,the FBI has created a national...


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