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East or West - Home Is the Best

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A house plus a family makes a home” (Daniel TShang, 2007). It is perhaps the fullest but simplest definition of “home”. People often say that whoever you are, whatever you do or wherever you live in the world, home is always the best place to be as it has so many meanings to people; it is not only a protected refuge but also a place where they can find peace in mind.
Firstly, a home physically means a house, which provides us the basic of survival. More specifically, it is where we come back every day after work, eating, showering, relaxing, sleeping and we do not have to pay any fees to any one for these activities because it is our own house. Although hotels or rented apartments can also supply us with basic needs, it is not free at all to live there and do whatever we want. It is only possible if it is our home.   Moreover, home means security and safety. We are protected from bad weather such as rain and storms; and bad people outside such as robbers or thieves. In other words, home is the most comfortable and safest place to almost every people.
Furthermore, “Home is where the heart is. It is where we started, where we belong” (Song “Home is where the heart is”, McFly, 2007). It is called the emotional meaning of home which many people can feel. According to Daniel TShang, thinking about home, the first thing in our mind is that home is our birth place, where we come back after school and where we always belong to no matter how far we are from it. When we are hurt, exhausted and miss our ways, we need to find a safe place to take a rest and recover, this is when you need to go home (2007). Moreover, we are not alone at home; we have family there with our grandparents, father, mother, siblings and many relatives. They may have the most powerful influence to us particularly in our personality and even life style because they has brought us up and witnessed our growth since we were born, so that maybe they are the ones who understand us most. Obviously, all of...


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