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Germany: the Answer to an Old Question

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Thesis:   This paper will argue that Germany needs to secure itself as

both the economic and political hegemon of Europe inside of the European

Union; until its present condition and effectiveness in the global

politics changes, instability in the European Union, as well as, basic

fear of   will always be present.

I. Introduction

II. Historical Perspective-The two negative factors

A. Fear - twice in one century

1) Bismarck/Frederick II

2) Hitler

B. Foolishness

1) WWI


III. Reunification - The Key

A. Economic realities

1) E. Germany's status

2) Infrastructure

B. The significance of one Germany

1) Future

2) Politics

IV. European Union-The means to and end

A. European "check and balance system"

1) Hope for the future

2) Provisions for success

B. The answer to a disturbing question

1) Can Germany be strong and peaceful?

2) France and England

V. Conclusion

The formation of a state can be both a

beautiful and terrifying event .   As a national you now have a home and

place to live with people of a common culture and heritage, an identity.

  If you are a founder of the new state, there would be a sense of

accomplishment of having achieved the fulfillment of a lifetime goal.

Other states which deemed this new state as legitimate and recognized it

as a self-determined equal,   have created a potential ally or enemy.  

The downside, the premature recognition and the actual struggle for that

status, usually entails conflict, loss of life, revolution and even war.

A state was formed and recognized in 1871 in the center of

Europe.   This event has had an enormous impact since its inception. It

has been...


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