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Women Empowerment 18

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I believe you are a bit off in realizing the true essence of this essay. You had to write on the current Pakistani society, therefore any historical references should have been brief, lets say not more than 10% of your essay. Moreover you should have explained woman both as an angel and as a source of evil. Touching the rural aspect vis a vis Atrocities, Honor Killings, Karo Kari, Domestic Violence etc are all pet aspects of such a topic and won't get you marks because everyone writes on them. What you should have done was write on how the urban woman is changing this landscape. You could have wrote on how women are progressing in the corporate world, how more and more woman entrepreneurs are springing up especially in the fashion related industries, urban v/s rural woman, role of woman in NGOs and creating social awareness etc. What I would have done here is a contrast between urban and rural woman and shifting societal norms and values especially due to education and media awareness. Pakistani society represents a stark contrast in this sense because in rural areas, woman don't command much respect as opposed to urban areas where they are an integral part of the society. Due to increasing education and awareness, most women are working and contributing to household income in the urban areas and command much greater respect, independence and authority relative to a rural woman.

Basically in short, you should have touched on the evolving societal dynamics, urban v/s rural woman, role of education and media etc
Why gender matters in education
InpaperMagzine By Muhammad AliFebruary 6, 2011
The role of women cannot be overlooked in the progress of any nation. Almost half of Pakistan’s population consists of women. On the one hand, the role of women is viewed highly substantial for the development of our country, and on the other the magnitude of gender disparity is evident in different fields of life, particularly in education.
According to UNESCO (2006) there...


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