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The Early Cold War

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Lecture six: The Early Cold War: 1948-53
The Soviet Union was controlled by Nato.
The US security state
  * The meaning and application of National Security
- the bureaucratic functioning of the National Security Council and the Department of Defense
  * The relationship of American foreign policy to international requirements in the Cold War
- the greater Cold War need for external economic and political links due to
- the   wartime developments of a) the US economy
b) the projection of US military power
  * The role of American intelligence
- the continuation of SOE European covert operations through British wartime personnel and MI6 links with eg the Ukrainian rebels in 1946
- the limitations and problems of getting access to sympathizers and information in a tightly controlled communist society
-   Containment or Rollback?
First of all mid-1947 saw the reorganisation of bodies which dealt with National Security in the United States.   The inter-war era as we know was defined by the United States taking a back seat in international affairs.   The Second World War brought the US back into the international system, firstly through the ideas of FDR who did not want the States to continue their isolationism of inter-war, creation of the UN.   The Cold War, with the Truman doctrine and the Marshall plan (as well as money given to countries in Asia), brought the US fully into the international arena.   US in the post-war era needed to maintain its interests. b)The US mobilised to unprecedented levels as a result of the Second World War, at its height 16 million people (or 11% of the population) served in the army.   Massive disarmament in post-world war two, still 1.6 million in 1946.   US was a global superpower and it sought to continue to show it.
One area which would also development as a result of the Cold War would be American arrangements regarding intelligence.  
The Soviet Stalinist state and its cautious ambition
  * Stalin’s...


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