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Family in Decline in Modern India

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It is my belief that social institutions do not decline, so much as change shape.   That being said, the notion of 'family' in India is taking on a new meaning.

With an increasing trend toward Western ideas, attitudes, and behaviors, we are seeing an erosion of the traditional Indian concept of family and are seeing its transformation into something very different.

This is, essentially, a clash of ideals.   In sociology and anthropology we speak of culture shift - which is the longitudinal adaptation of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs... it's the result, to some degree, of the amalgamation of cultures in the world, and the approaches to life encountered... sort of an acculturation process on a more grand scale.

Notions of women's roles are changing as educational, employment, and other opportunities outside the home become increasingly available - as such, we find women more frequently in the offices and the manufacturing lines than in days of yore, and conversely, we find them less frequently in the home.

This change is brought on, as previously mentioned, by exposure to different cultures - a sort of modification of traditional Indian familial institutions - but, is caused in part, too, by interior and personal changes... there has been an increasing trend toward urbanization and self-based behaviors.

Indian families still produce millions of babies per month. They have the most population in the world, and are still growing. But it is true that the institution of family is in decline in India since two decades . Indian are now days more influenced with western culture and they want to live more lavishly and in freedom in their personal life, while in extended family they have live with some cultural value and traditional restrictions.   Previously whole family was taken care by one head of the family and they used to take care of all family members . Now days it is lacking in most of the indian families. Economy of scale has improved lot. Purchasing...


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