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What Is the Role of Women in Ancient, Medieval and Modern India?

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I am Indian, and i've been to india in the last year, the role of women today, is very different to what it was during medeival or ancient times, but it depends on where you are in india.
India is a very diverse-cultured nation, infact there are many different cultures there, and the role of women depends on which culture you are considering.

During ancient times, girls were ONLY considered sisters, wives, daughters, and mothers. They did not go to school, and instead were kept at home to learn the 'art' of homemaking and certain cultural accomplishmenst. She would be married off between the ages of 13-16 to a man chosen by her parents. Divorce was not permitted. Men could have more than one wife at a time. She would become pregnant as soon as possible and devote herself to caring for her husband and kids. Women rarely left the house without their husbands. If her husband died before her, she would be cremated [alive] with her dead husband. If not that, she would remain with her husband's family, but never wear bright colored clothing, jewelry, or attend festivals. Infact only widowed women wore white, plain saris. It was considered a sin, if a wife wore a plain, white sari without jewelry while her husband was alive. She would not eat more than one simple meal a day, and would be avoided by everyone, but her children. Widows could not remarry. Wives could work in the family business, if it was about women's clothing or jewelry.

Life for women in medieval times was quite similar. Except that cremating the widows alive was somewhat less common.

In modern India, life for women is in a different universe. Girls have more than just traditional female roles. They can join politics, law, international business, fashion, acting and writers. Most girls are sent to school, but this only occurs if a family can afford it [fees for school are extremely high for some families]. College for women in india is becoming more and more common, and women marry later in...


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