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Atomic Energy

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Oil, Coal and natural gas are all exhaustible sources of power. However, water is an inexhaustible source of power and will continue to be used by man for all times to come.But, water power shall not be able to meet ever increasing demand of energy. Hence the scientists continue to explore new sources of energy. The discovery of atomic energy is highly appropriate.

The 'atom' is a Greek word which means 'uncut table' or 'indivisible'. According to scientists, atoms are unbelievably tiny. Many millions of atoms can be laid side by side along a line one inch long. In fact, the tiniest grain of matter that can be seen contains many millions of atoms.
Atomic energy is the energy released by rearrangement of atomic nuclei, as in nuclear fission. It is also called nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is useful mainly because it creates excessive heat. It can be used to make steam and the steam can be used to generate electricity. Nuclear reactors have been invented to produce and control nuclear energy. A nuclear reactor works somewhat like a furnace. But instead of using coal or oil, reactors use uranium.

Electric power production is by far the most important use of nuclear energy. But nuclear energy has great value because it produces high energy particles and rays called nuclear radiation. Nuclear radiation has important uses in medicine, industry and science.Nuclear energy propels submarines and other ships. Like nuclear power plants these vessels have a reactor to create heat for making steam. The steam is used to turn the ship propellers.
Radioisotopes are being used in the fields of agriculture, biology, medicine, industry and scientific research. Radioactive isotopes are radioactive atoms of ordinary elements such as carbon, sodium or phosphorus.

The field of medicine is deriving a lot of benefit from nuclear energy in the form of radioisotopes. Doctors are using radioisotopes to locate tumors, to diagnose and treat patients suffering from throat...


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