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Biology Experiment

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Title: Classification of vertebrates

Aim: To observe the characteristics of vertebrates

Material: Writing pads, Diagrams, Preserved animals

Method: On the 6th December the biology students visited the Natural Science Museum at the Citadel. Several preserved animals were observed, studied, discussed and drawn. Some animals were also observed and studied at the biology laboratory. Some living vertebrates at the biology laboratory were also studied.


I liked this experiment. The experiment was successful because I saw examples of the 5 main vertebrates and I learned how to draw many types of vertebrates. The aim was achieved because I also drew diagrams.

Vertebrates are animals with a backbone (vertebral column). This is used to protect the spinal chord, which is the place which supports the nerves. The top of the spinal chord connects to the brain which is protected by the skull. In most (not all) vertebrates to find a pair of jaws which have teeth on them. The five classes of vertebrates are fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and animals.

There are 4 main types of fish. The first fish didn’t have jaws. It is tough to eat and even harder to survive in the long run. Even with a mouth and a series of teeth to cling to their food, it’s still hard to compete with fish to have jaws and mouths. Some species made it to the modern world. One good example is a Lamprey. These fish suck on the sides of other fish.
Cartilaginous fish include species of sharks, rays and skates. Sharks are the ultimate hunters of the ocean. They are big, fast and have very sharp teeth that rip their prey apart. Skates and rays are a lot more docile or non-aggressive. They are usually bottom feeders. The bodies of rays and skates have developed large wings that allow them to glide through the water using their tail as a rudder.
And then the fish with real bones came along. No longer was cartilage the...


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