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Social Issues Involving the American Public in the Industrial Age Were Not Important Issues and Had No Impact on the Progressive Movement

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The answer is FALSE . Social issues were an important factor for the emergence of the Progressive Movement during the Industrial Age . The Progressive Era has been referred to as an era that was spent in addressing certain economic and social reforms . This movement has been joined by both advocates from the Democratic and Republican parties (Progressive Era).
The era of progressivism was highlighted by the distinct efforts to transform social ills and settle issued that became rampant during the spurt of industrial growth in the last quarter of the 19th century. It had sought to initiate economic , political and social reforms and the inequities formed from the Industrial Revolution and the growth of capitalism in to create a new system that was more appropriate for the new industrial age (Schambra and West . This era was then initiated to set reforms that sought to conquer and counter the negative effects of industrialization and urbanization including protecting citizens from hazardous working conditions , excessive work hours , low wages , child labor , slum housing and racial injustice (Introduction to Progressivism
The First Reform Era was focused on the idea of abolitionism ' - to eradicate the tenets of the slavery in the society . Another guide for the Progressive Era was the strong drive among the citizens to reform working conditions and to humanize the treatment of mentally ill people and prisoners (Ideas and Movements
The Second Reform Era was then concentrated on the efforts to uplift women 's rights , as well as the emergence of the strong farm movement which was geared towards the support to compensate the declining importance of rural areas as America has been highly transformed into urbanization (Ideas and Movements
Another thrust for the Progressive Era was towards various political changes . This included the goal to eliminate corruption in the government , eradicate political influences through taming of bosses and establishment of...


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