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My Ambiton in Mylife

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|My Ambition in My Life                                                                                           |
|Social reformer                                                                                                   |

|Shanmugapreethi                                                                                                 |
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My Ambition in Life


      Different people have different ambition in life. And wants to enter parliament and make his work as a parliamentarian. Another wants to be elected as the president of the local bar. And there is still another who wants to become an ambassador and thus carry the message of his country to the farthest corner of the work everyone of us has some ambition in his life life with out ambition is ts dull,soul-less affair.

My ambition:

My ambition is a very humble one I want to live and die as a social reformer my country is stopped in ignorance,poverty and superstition.my country men are dwarfed by disease,famine and pestilence and are sunk in poverty they have no pleasure in their lives.i shall give them education and teach them self respect. I shall go from village to village and banish all darkness and ignorance from their midst I shall try to better their social status and remove all superstitions from their midst. I shall teach them the laws o health sanitation and hygiene and the value of corporate life. In this socially and intellectually and make their lives happy and cheerful.

How to realize the ambition:

In order to realizes this ambition in life. I shall entrance the profession of a missionary and dedicate my life to sarvodya samaj.

My motto in life:

My motto in life is service of suffering humanity this is the noblest...


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