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Virtues of a Child

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Virtues of a Child: Innocence
All of us love children. It does not matter whether it is our child or not. At the mere sight of a child, strangers start smiling at each other and the ice is broken. There is something very attractive in every child. It could be their playful nature. It could be the joy that seems to fill them. It could be their low level of ego and self-consciousness. It could be their ability to quickly forget pain and smile despite it. It could be their vulnerability. It could our own amazement and wonder at seeing God's blessing in the form of a child.

It is not the physical appearance of the child that attracts us. It is not their talent or intelligence. It is not the wealth in their family. Even a child without any of these is cute and beautiful. What strike me as really wonderful in children are their innocence and their ability to trust everyone around implicitly. A child's mind is not crooked or scheming. It is simple, straight, open and transparent. Children are honest about what they want and what they like or dislike. They do not hide things. They speak what they think. And most of all they believe what we tell them, without evidence.

When we see children we want to love them. We want to play with them and laugh in a carefree manner like them. We want to provide them with things that make them happy. We want to protect them from harm. The whole world loves a child for its nature, character, behavior and innocence.

Childhood is bliss unmatched, with innocence and freedom of mind like never before! 
Therefore, it is very important to retain a part of the child in us - to be better people and more importantly, to be happy people.


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