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Status of Prisoners of War in Islam

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Status of Prisoners of War in Islam


The assigned topic for project is “The Status of Prisoners of War in International Humanitarian Law”.
      To end up this project with a fruitful discussion along with a reasonable conclusion we proceeded with the discussion in the following manner.
      Starting with the introduction of what a prisoner war actually is, his qualifications to be so, his certain relaxations to be enjoyed as a prisoner of war in international humanitarian law. Followed by its status in ancient times, that what were the procedures for dealing with them at that time. This period is of about fourth century AD.
      Afterwards the status of POWs in the middle ages i.e. after fourth century AD. Their status, how they were dealt with at that time, what were the points of improvement regarding their status at that time as compared with ancient times.
      After that jumping towards the Islamic prospective in this scenario. In this discussion a detailed account is there that how Islam given these POWs a reasonable status not to be ill-treated and mishandled after they are captured. The humane behavior to be followed with them and a detailed discussion and points of difference among Islamic schools of thoughts and versions of different scholars in this regard are being recorded here with extreme care. Then the role of Muslim Caliphate in this regard and its effects hereinafter.
      Then the discussion moved over to modern times, the improvements carried out in this regard, different conferences and conventions which laid milestones in this regard, are being discussed.
      Such steps including Hague Conference and Geneva Conventions. As a result of these international conventions there were certain rulings made and to be followed afterwards by the International community regarding treatment, handling and modes of handing over of POWs.
      Then leading ahead a brief account is there about the treatment of POWs which was observed...


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