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Heart Rates

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Heart Rates


      The overall purpose of this activity was to see how much pluses it takes for the heart to pump while doing the activities. While I did the activities we found out how many pluses it takes for the heart to pump blood in a minute. The heart pumps blood to many parts of the body. Such as the lungs and back to the heart and many other places.

      The background knowledge you will need to know during this research paper is that the way your heart pumps blood may be different because of your weight, age, fitness level, and many other ways. A person’s heartbeat per-minute could be different than yours.   To strengthen your heart, you could exercise and eat healthy, but there are also many ways to strengthen your heart to. To increase the strength of your heart, you have to subtract your age from 220, take the number and multiply it by .60, and take the number you got in question one and again multiply it by .85.


During the experiment my partner and I did four activities to find out how many pulses it does per-minute. One of the activities was to jump up and down for one minute and then check our pulse. Each pulse was different depending on the size you are, when doing the activities. After I was done taking my pulses I made a bar graph for myself, then for my partner, and lastly for the last person, for each activity we did.

      The controls in this lab were the experiments because we all did the same thing. The independent variables I have changed during the lab were the change of the pulse. I can choose to manipulate

      I think the experiment turned out very well.

      The conclusions that can be drawn from the data collected


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