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Throughout the years slums have developed in almost every country for reasons such as cheap labor, poverty, and poor government intervention. Dharavi is a slum in India’s richest city, Mumbai. This slum is barely two-thirds the size of central park and produces an annual economic output of around 600 million to 1 billion dollars and also consists of 90 percent of all employment in India. Due to the overpopulation and no government help there isn’t enough toilets, enough water and laborers in packs of eight sleep in a tiny room. The sadder part is in order for them to use the bathroom they have to pay three cents and because of the hygiene problems Sion Hospital treats almost three thousand patients from Dharavi every day. Many people who come to the city of Dharavi voluntarily are looking for work to earn some money and send some back to their family. Majority of workers work from 8 in the morning to 11 at night so the more they can earn more money. The only hopeful aspect that these laborers have is the possibility of being able to succeed just like their employer for example, Asif arrived at Dharavi at the age of 12 to work and support his family, he went from leaning how to use scissors to cut leather to opening up his own leather workshop. The reason the government doesn’t intervene is because of its success not being part of the national economy, no loans or mortgages are needed to purchase workspace, Asif rents a workshop from a owner after the owner receives a order from a company to produce something. Sadly, the most valuable pieces of real estate in Mumbai is now Dharavi and is also a major cause of slums developing in other parts of India as people are coming to Dharavi and learning how to do something then fleeing to other parts and setting up their own shop. Another sad part about slums is when the children try to go to school the school and/or teacher denies them and says “why are you Dharavi children here?’ Some of India’s richest and multi...


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