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Chilled Water

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30GTC Air-Cooled Chillers
The Chillers of Information Technology Age Put You in Control of Your Budgets
With over:35,000 ui).itsinstalledworldwide ap,dnearly two decadesofreliable fieldperformai).ce, CatTier's30GTC air-cooled reciprocaring
chillersare.foIledout :&omour stawof...me art.factory in Gurgaon.Tb.esetop ofme;J:;angechillersare favoured by specifiers,contTactors,and
building owners alike.Add to mat our.neWmicroprocessor coi).rrolsystem - ComfoJ1;LinkTM-and misline of cb.illersdeHversunparalleled
control and easeoruse;
. Accurate Chilled Fluid 'temperature Coi).troLprovidedby the CarrierComfortLinkA,MCoi).trolSystemb.elps maintain higher levelsof
indoor air quality, thermal comfort and productivity in conditioned spaces ap.d process and industrial applications.
. While many air-cooled chillers use only leaving fluid temperature control, the 30GTC Chillers Utilizeteavii).g Fluid Temperature
Control wim a return fluid temperatUre compensation mrougb. the use of a PID control algorimm (on ComfoJ:'tLinkTMcontrols).
30GTC series Chillers are availablewim two control options:
. ElectroniCc ontrolle- rstandard on 30GTC 015, 030 and 060 models
. ComfortLinkTMController- standardon 30GTC 090 & 110modelsand optionalon 30GTC 060
Electronic Control
. Multiple Step Electronic leaving chilled fluid temperature controller with an adjustable setpoint from
40°F to 60°F.
. DeadBandConfiguration.
. IdealwhereBuildingManagementinterfaceis not required.
ComfortLinkTM Control
This is your link to a world of simple and easy-to-use-air-cooled chillers that offer oUtstanding performance.
ComfortLinkTM controls are communication capable and are cable-ready for connection to a Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) for total
aUtomation solutions.
. Stand-alone microprocessor with an alphanumeric display.
. Scrolling marquee bright LED display to provide a window into the chiller's operation and alarm history in...


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