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Why Lady Macbeth Is Evil

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Critical Macbeth Essay Draft
I believe that Lady Macbeth herself is the “real” villain in the play “Macbeth”. There is a lot of evidence in the play which I think supports this.
When Lady Macbeth was reading a letter which explains what had happened to her husband recently. She becomes very ambitious and sees an opportunity for her to become Queen. She then realises that the fastest way for her to become the Queen and to make Macbeth king is by murdering the present one.Lady Macbeth believes that him becoming king and is what he really wants and it would be the best for both of them.
She becomes worried however that whether or not Macbeth has what it takes to seize the crown and also he ‘is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness’ to strike at his first opportunity to take it.She even calls upon evil spirits "stop up th' access and passage to remorse" ‘unsex me here’ to become relentless and take away her femininity or her conscience would not allow her to react, she even did not want to be a woman so she could carry out the murder herself. Lady Macbeth even uses language associated with the supernatural which at the   time which this play was written (the Elizabethan era), was feared and considered evil. I believe that only a true villain of these times would say all of these things and make references to the supernatural.
Lady Macbeth knows that she is much stronger, ambitious and ruthless than her husband. She knows that she will have to push Macbeth to commit the murder.
She tells Macbeth about her plan of murder. He becomes very impressed and at first agrees, but later on he wavers on the decision. This is another example of Lady Macbeth being a true villain because she plans it entirely and gives it much more thought, much more than Macbeth himself.
Lady Macbeth manipulates and nudges him on to commit the murder by questioning his love for him and his own manhood. For example, when he hesitates to commit the murder, she questions his manhood until that...


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