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Survey Analysis



      Compose the questionnaire with care, noting the different types of question it is possible to have: (References are to the TURBOSTATS statistical package)

      Type Variable     Typical Data

      Categorical GENDER 1,2

      Continuous SALARY 10000

      Multiple Frequencies MEDIA +10111

      (Open Ended) THEMES             +10111

      Ranked FACTORS 1,2,3,4,5

      Scaled S_FACTOR 1,2,10

      Hypothesis Tests

      Cross-Tabulations, Chi-square TS-CROSS

      ‘T’-tests TS-STATS

      Ranked TS-FRIED

      Scaled TS-ANOVA

      Multiple Frequencies KS-TEST

      Your questionnaire analysis should contain:

  a statistical description of every question (normally frequency distributions)

  Selected hypotheses

  Details of sampling

  Details of covering letter

  Details of response rate
            (+ efforts to maximise)

  Examples of questionnaire itself

  (Perhaps DATA and LABELS files)

It is important that you show a degree of methodological expertise i.e. be aware of the strengths, limitations of this method of gathering data.

Remember that your questionnaire will often be in the form of a PILOT for what you would do if you had the time and resources for a more detailed enquiry (most appropriate to a post-graduate enquiry)

Important:   If you intend to collect some data by questionnaire, then it is very important that you

      ( Have it checked out by a tutor before its distribution
      ( Obtain the necessary permissions beforehand
      ( Think how the results are going to be analysed and incorporated into the report

Your Final Year Project   Report should also contain

( Methodological considerations (why this method of data...


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