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Daniel's Discoveries Helping Society

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Beatriz Zuluaga


Daniel Bernoulli

Table Of Contents

Daniel's life history: Age, Death, Place of Birth, Family and Childhood background, School studies.

Daniel's Famous discoveries, Description of his discoveries and when they were published

Daniel's discoveries helping society


Daniel Bernoulli was born on February 8, 1700 in Groningen, Switzerland, born into a family of mathematicians. When Bernoulli was young he studied philosophy and mathematics. In his studies, Bernoulli found that most of his interests fell into mechanics and mathematics. Johann Bernoulli, Daniels father, and Jacob Bernoulli, Daniels uncle were both great mathematicians in their day. Daniel was the middle of three brothers, the eldest was Nicolaus Bernoulli, then Daniel, and the youngest was Johann Bernoulli II. All following in their family's footsteps, the three brothers also went on to study mathematics. At the age of 13 Daniel went to Basel University to study philosophy and logic. After spending three years there Daniel achieved his masters degree, he was 16 years old. During the three years at Basel, Daniel was taught calculus by his father and older brother. Daniel died at the age of 82 in March 17, 1782 in Basel, Switzerland.

In 1725, Daniel went to St. Petersburg, there Daniel made one of his most famous discoveries.   Daniel defined “the frequencies of oscillation to a system”, he showed that the movement of a string on a playing musical instrument were made of an infinite amount of harmonic vibrations Another important work of Daniel Bernoulli's was that of Hydrodynamics. Daniel used the theory of the conservation of energy, which he learned from his father, to show what was the first correct reasoning behind the way water flows through a hole in an object. At the same time Daniel also described how machines used to move water worked. This work known as “Hydrodynamica” was...


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