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Society Reaction

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My venerable sir, sorry for send you the late reaction paper because I went to the village and there could not use the internet. That is why , I send you the reaction paper now . In these holidays, I read the complete society chapter. Before reading this chapter I did not well know about the society but now, I   well know about the   societies. Society always refers to the people who interact in a defined and share a culture. In this chapter, I read the philosophy of four important sociologist. First of all, I read the gerhard lenski who describes the society how changed over the past 10,000 years. Gerhard lenski said   that, technology is so important for devolving the any society. Lenski uses the term of sociocultural   evolution which means changes that occur as a society gains new technology. After this, lenski describes the five types of societies defined by their technology: hunting and gathering societies, horticultural and pastoral societies, agrarian societies, industrial societies and postindustrial societies.   He said that, people using the occupation of hunting for food. In 12,000 years ago people live together like that caves and huts. They also hunting together. Then their occupations converted into their children. They are all have nomads. After this, I read about the horticultural and pastoral societies.   Horticultural means people discovered the new tools for digging the plots and they also used the hoe   and sticks. Their inventions converted slowly into the new technology. Such people were more like   adopt pastoralism. Pastoralism means the domestication of animals. Pastoralism were common day bu day. Today, society mix horticultural and pastoralism can be found through south America,Africa and Asia. Agrarian societies about the 5000 years ago. This was the discovery of agricultural, large scale of evolution using plows harness to animals. Industrial societies which first took hold in the rich nations of today‚Äôs worlds. Industrial technology gave...


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